Tridium Niagara Application Engineering

Outsourcing continues to grow in today’s marketplace. Control companies can’t afford to maintain resources “sitting on the bench” waiting for a project to happen. By outsourcing some or all of their Application Engineering efforts, Control Dynamix’s customers avoid idle-time costs and gain access to deep expertise in Niagara Application Development.

Control Dynamix provides contract Niagara application engineering services to mechanical contractors, controls contractors and building owners. Our small size allows us to be flexible in working with our clients. Buy just want you want – from minor changes to a complete control system. While we offer full cycle software project management, many of our customers ask us to complete only a small portion of the development of a control solution. Past projects include requirements discovery, design prototyping, application development, custom graphics, commissioning documentation and support, user manuals and user training.

Contract Niagara Application Engineering

We understand that outsourcing Application Engineering projects requires trust. You must be confident that you’re not turning over key clients to a competitor. Our entire business model relies on indirect sales; we don’t have any direct clients. We regularly operate under our client’s names, correspond via our client’s email system, and even carry cards with our client’s logos. We provide complete copies of all of our source documents, code, all passwords, and provide complete documentation. Our goal is to act as a trusted member of your team (that you only pay for work completed).

Our contracting model allows us to match our pricing to your project’s needs. We’re comfortable working on a lump-sum basis, as an hourly consultant, or as cost-plus with a not to exceed cap. Again, our small size allows us to tailor a contract that fits for you.

Detailed Application Notes

Detailed Notes Yield Easy to Understand Station Logic


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