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Now that you’re switching to an EV fleet, you’ll be saving on fuel costs. But you’ll face a host of new issues – how to take advantage of confusing utility tariffs to avoid spending too much on electricity, how to make sure every vehicle fully charges, how to know if any charging equipment fails leaving you with a non-usable vehicle for the day. And much, much more. The EVauto® fleet charging control system offers you two powerful, easy-to-use, proprietary IT tools to help you manage your charging costs and keep charging issues from becoming fleet management problems.

Automatically reduces EV charging costs and improves vehicle availability

  • Automatic smart load management reduces peak energy consumption
  • Allows you to easily schedule and take advantage of time-of-use rates
  • Delivers EVSE fault alarms in real time
  • Supports scheduled DR compliance and (optional) Open ADR connection
  • Tracks energy use for each charger

Kilowatt-hour usage with and without FleetController

How peak load management can control your charging costs


Provides minute-by-minute operational data for better EV fleet management

  • Provides real-time charging status for all connected vehicles via fleet dashboard
  • Notifies you in real time of charging issues including no connection, no charge, not full upon departure and EVSE faults
  • Tracks fleet and individual vehicle arrival and departure time
  • Uses revenue-grade metering to give you detailed trending of energy usage, charging duration and peak energy period usage
  • Provides summarized fleet data that simplifies finetuning your FleetController schedule

FleetManager dashboard

All the data you need to manage your fleet charging in one place

EvAuto Dashboard

EVauto® is affordable, easy to use and easy to install

  • Truly plug and play – operators just plug it in and the system does the rest
  • Compatible with most standard EVSE electric vehicle charging stations manufacturers
  • Shipped completely ready for EV charger installation by your electrician
  • Can be commissioned remotely
  • Uses an onboard, advanced cellular modem so there’s no need for a data connection
  • Can be ordered for indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Expandable as your charger installation grows
  • Charges up to five vehicles per module
  • Saves so much in electricity costs it can pay for itself in less than three years

EVauto® is so accessible you’ll never have to wonder

With your data in the cloud, EVauto® is accessible 24/7 from anywhere using your desktop or laptop computer – PC or Mac – or the smartphone in the palm of your hand. The ultimate benefit is the peace of mind that wherever you are, your vehicles are charging at the most cost-effective times and will be ready to go in the morning when you are.

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