EV Charging Products

Charging a fleet of electric vehicles can dramatically increase a facility’s cost for electricity. This increase results from both increased energy consumption (kWh) and higher peak charges (kW). Control Dynamix developed two proprietary tools to help energy managers to optimize the cost of charging fleet electric vehicles – EvAuto® and EvMetrix.

EvMetrix Charge Cycle Reporting

EvMetrix provides valuable data about the charging cycle that useful for designing strategies to minimize the cost of charging. EvMetrix analyzes raw energy consumption data to provide data streams specifically designed to describe EV charging. The system provides meaningful insights into energy usage and fleet operation, and enables fleet managers to confidently participate in peak load management (“PLM”) or demand response (“DR”) programs. EvMetrix operates on a real-time basis, to provide a daily summary of charging operations that give operators actionable information on each vehicle’s daily operation and charge cycle.

EvAuto® Dashboard

EvAuto® offers a tabbed view of system operation


EvAuto® Vehicle Charging

EvAuto® provides automated electric vehicle charge cycle management, enabling customers to automatically optimize EV charging. The system manages charging on a real-time basis, adapting to the daily ebbs and flows of fleet operation while delivering simple to configure control to energy managers. EvAuto® provides an energy manager with easy-to-use, intuitive tools to control the daily load curve for fleet electric vehicles, and dynamically adapts charging based on each day’s conditions while ensuring that each vehicle receives a full charge.
Together, these tools provide an energy manager with the knowledge and tools needed to reduce peaks, shift usage and monitor the effectiveness of the charge strategy.

Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

Platform Integration Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

EvAuto Dashboard

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