Fleet Electric Vehicle Charge Control

We design, deploy and manage control systems that optimize the ev charging system of fleet electric vehicles.

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EvAuto® / EvMetrix

Automatic EV Charging Peak Load Managment


Our EV Charge Control System—EvAuto®, automates charge cycle management and data acquisition to simplify management of fleet EV charging. EvAuto is an ev charger installation designed exclusively for fleet operation and delivers the following:


Automatic Peak Load Management - adaptive control



Automatic Demand Response - ADR integration



Automatic charging issue alerts - No charge / partial charge / EVSE fault



Easily integrate into any building energy management systems (EMS / BMS)



Automatically adjusts charging based on weather conditions




Detailed data from each charger



KPIs for tariff analysis and fleet management



Specific metrics for each vehicle


Low Cost

EvAuto® reduces the cost for charging and is built by the nations expert electric vehicle charging companies – Control Dynamix. In most cases the system will pay for itself in less than 3 years.

Easy To Install

The system is compatible with most EVSE manufacturers and electric car charging stations manufacturers.

It’s shipped completely ready for ev charger installation by your electrician, and it can be commissioned remotely.

We use an onboard, advanced cellular modem so there’s no need for a data connection with our ev charging system.

The ev charging system can be ordered for indoor or outdoor mounting, and it’s expandable if your charger installation grows.

The base module for our ev charger installation controls up to 5 chargers and each expansion modules adds 5 more EVs.

Desktop & Mobile Browser Compatible

Our system was designed to be easy to use. Vehicle operators won’t even know that the system is operating as they simply plug in the vehicle, and EvAuto does the rest.

Fleet managers have a choice of both PC / Mac access or mobile browser.

The interface is intuitive yet provides robust data about the entire charge cycle. A manager can set specific vehicles to have charge priority to ensure that critical vehicles are ready when needed.

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