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I know that I’m early in posting anything about Tridium’s latest version of Niagara which they’re calling Niagara 4 or simply N4. The software’s release date is too recent for there to be significant field results, but an early peak at the new software and platform...


I recently completed a data center project at a large hosting facility.  In case you’ve never seen one (they’re generally behind fences in buildings with no windows), data centers house most of the web servers that we all rely on when we surf the internet.  Given that...

You need a driver

I receive calls from clients who want connect to their older building’s HVAC energy management system (EMS) via more modern tools.  There are many reasons for wanting to connect to an older system.  Some clients simply want to create a browser interface to enable...

What does 3.6 + 0.1 equal?

Our friends at Tridium continue to improve the Niagara Framework’s software tools to meet customer’s rapidly changing demands.  To user’s, these change seem to be a long time coming.  To the development team, there’s never enough time.  Niagara 3.7 includes some great...
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