EV PLM – Pop Quiz!

EV PLM – One of these things is not like the other. Pop Quiz – The figure shows three different charge cycles: an unmanaged charge cycle plus 2 different peak load management (PLM) strategies – sequential and simultaneous – for charging electric vehicles (EVs).  The...

EVs and people – Range Matters

At this time, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a relatively new part of the transportation fleet.  A small but growing group of people and businesses are trying EVs for a variety of reasons.  For consumers, some want to reduce their carbon impact, others like new cool...

EV Peak Load Management – PLM

This post is the first in a series explaining how fleet electric vehicle operators can save money charging their EVs.  I’m breaking the concepts down into smaller pieces to introduce the concepts to both new and experienced energy managers.  For some, these concepts...

Load Control for Fleet EVs – EvAuto

Control Dynamix’s EvAuto provides automated load management and usage data for fleet electric vehicle charging.  Our system has been deployed in over a dozen locations, and it’s designed to work with any open interface electric vehicle supply Equipment (EVSE).  It can...

EvAuto – EV PLM

Origin of EvAuto EV PLM (Electric Vehicle Peak Load Management)   I started working on electric vehicle charging in 2009 when I was at Servidyne. At that time, we were approached by a client that had purchased a small fleet of electric delivery trucks using funds from...
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